Real benefits not Tokenism

Employers think they are gracing employees with a wellness policy or practice, but many do it as a check marking exercise for their HR file and they really don’t care. They give the appearance of care without actually offering any real genuine care. That’s tokenism. I have known people who have worked for Three mobile…


Self Employment

Allow your staff to invoice you for their time. They can make it more tax efficient for themselves and you save on the National Insurance contribution. You should make it clear that they are not an employee and that you do not have exclusivity over their time and you should encourage them to take additional…


Collaboration Tools, do we need them?

We’ve all had to use them. First came Basecamp, then Trello and Assana. Today we have Slack and Microsoft Teams which have integrated instant messaging along with task lists. Is all this needed? They say an interruption can cause a developer to loose track of where he or she was in their code and ruin…


Printer Woes!

Printers are relatively cheap to buy, expensive to run and stressful to own. Ink always seems to be needed and often dries up and clogs the machine. Changing cartridges can be a challenge as devices constantly want to do alignment tests. One afternoon when we really needed to print stuff off and had a printer…


Email Options

There are various email solutions for businesses using their domain name. Many small businesses use email forwarding so they don’t actually have a mail box for their business email. This probably works for the majority of small businesses but sometimes a particular service wants you to reply using your actual business email and public personal…