Printer Woes!

Printers are relatively cheap to buy, expensive to run and stressful to own. Ink always seems to be needed and often dries up and clogs the machine. Changing cartridges can be a challenge as devices constantly want to do alignment tests. One afternoon when we really needed to print stuff off and had a printer…

page builders

Page Builders

We’re a great fan of WordPress and agree that it is sometimes bloated. The tools are getting better for WordPress and there are some pretty nifty page builders to try. There’s a free one pager plugin which has a number of templates and I’ve used it a couple of times and previously tried to upgrade…


Mobile Desk

We just love these mobile desks. They fold and snap into position. Change rooms, floors, locations easily. Bring hotdesking to your home! Available from Amazon

flip phone

Samsung Flip Phone

No I don’t have an endless money pit! I’ve financed mine through Amazon. I really needed a phone I could have with me all day, as I constantly leave my phone at home and it REALLY annoys my family as I’m never reachable. So, In order to carry it with me all the time I…