Collaboration Tools, do we need them?


We’ve all had to use them. First came Basecamp, then Trello and Assana. Today we have Slack and Microsoft Teams which have integrated instant messaging along with task lists.

Is all this needed?

They say an interruption can cause a developer to loose track of where he or she was in their code and ruin their rhythm. It has been suggested that it takes up to 45 minutes for a developer to get back into the zone after being interrupted. Instant messaging has made this significantly worse. Remember the early days of Facebook whereby everyone was updating their status almost on an hourly basis. Then came Twitter where people seemed to think someone else would be interested in what they had for breakfast (attaching a photos as well!) Now IM at work is getting out of control. You don’t need to send a smiley after a meeting. You are a grown up!

I could go on about vaping too! To me it’s like a child with a popsicle in their mouth. It’s not a professional look! Grow up! Sometimes I feel the Internet has caused a regression in maturity in adults. We even say today half jokingly…”perhaps we should practice more adulting!” Where did all the adults go? Probably the same place as all the cowboys went from Paula Coles’s single “Where have all the cowboys gone?”

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