Email Options


There are various email solutions for businesses using their domain name. Many small businesses use email forwarding so they don’t actually have a mail box for their business email. This probably works for the majority of small businesses but sometimes a particular service wants you to reply using your actual business email and public personal emails like Gmail and Hotmail often restrict you from sending an email with a different “from” address.

We’ve been a long time fan of Gmail for business and love their other connected services like calendar and drive. Once your company starts to grow though, even Gmail at its competitively price of €4 per user per month starts to get expensive.

We have recently swapped a number of clients to Titan eMail, runs about a €1 a month, and includes calendar but no file storage. Titan is available from most hosting partners. It doesn’t appear to be available direct.

On personal email, we have made the switch to Proton eMail from Gmail as it offers a higher level of encryption. It too offers calendar and file storage. Whilst Gmail was good at filtering spam, our spam box was getting very full each week nevertheless and with some pretty nasty content. Proton has now added the ability to include (depending on service level chosen) the ability to attach your business domain for business email, for both sending and receiving. They also offer email aliases which are great for registrations and one time use cases.

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