Printer Woes!


Printers are relatively cheap to buy, expensive to run and stressful to own.

Ink always seems to be needed and often dries up and clogs the machine. Changing cartridges can be a challenge as devices constantly want to do alignment tests.

One afternoon when we really needed to print stuff off and had a printer melt down we actually sent off our documents digitally to a printing service to be delivered by post the following day. How come we can get a TV to work on a reliable basis but not a printer!

Ink issues also include some devices refusing to work with compatible cartridges. The EU has now banned this practice as it is seen as product lock in and manufacturers are now to recognise and accept compatible ink cartridges. You wouldn’t buy a car from a garage if you were only able to fill it up at their service stations. As a consumer we have a right to choose where we get our supplies from.

The printer manufacturers reacted to this ban and probably loss of revenue to the numerous compatible ink companies by coming out with their smart printing applications; online subscription services whereby you never pay for ink cartridges they charge by how many sheets of paper you printed. Now they could of done that a LONG LONG time ago!

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