Real benefits not Tokenism


Employers think they are gracing employees with a wellness policy or practice, but many do it as a check marking exercise for their HR file and they really don’t care. They give the appearance of care without actually offering any real genuine care. That’s tokenism.

I have known people who have worked for Three mobile and they used to have a “Wellness Wednesday” lunch break which was 2 hours instead of the usual 1 hour. Then they’d be difficult in allowing an employee to leave early on a Friday to catch the early train home to prepare for their holiday the next morning. Three Mobile have implemented many programs, so they are trying, but you know you are being treated as part of blanket formula or policy they have put in place and nothing to do with you personally. Wellness is about an individual’s needs not a one size fits all approach.

Other companies give out merchandise as if they were gifts: t shirts, mugs and the like. But that’s just branding and propaganda. If you really care offer staff something they might actually need or appreciate. No one wants to be reminded of their work place when they are at home. Presenting a branded mug is hardly likely to make them smile first thing in the morning drinking their first cup of tea! Offer them a petrol/store discount card, an allowance for lunch that they can spend whenever wherever they like.

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