Google my Business

Google my Business

SEO for your website is very important. The best way to kick start your campaign is to enlist in the Google My Business service. This allows you to notify Google about your opening hours and allows users to review your products and services. You can also add map and direction details. As part of the…


Images and SEO

Use images to add weight to your SEO efforts. You can add alternative text to images. Search engines crawling your site will register these. The image text can be keywords for your website, not necessarily anything to do with the image itself. Also make sure your images are the right size for the content space…
News now joins beinggs

FuZzie may not be your conventional web client. They don’t intend to have a huge online presence but they do want to be reachable and start blogging about their arts and crafts. They came to us more for our offline marketing skills. beinggs is helping FuZzie with branding issues and corporate structure. Having started a…

twitter icon

To Twitter or Not

Twitter was the go to platform socially 10 years ago but its support is dwindling. With the onslaught of fake news and customers tweeting their grievances about a company or product companies are pulling up the drawbridge on this particular form of communication. I have had the most requests from clients this year to remove…


InclusivePT signs with beinggs

We’re maintaining their website and providing web promotion and marketing services. InclusivePT provides running coach sessions by an accredited instructor in the Hertfordshire area, UK.