To Twitter or Not

twitter icon

Twitter was the go to platform socially 10 years ago but its support is dwindling. With the onslaught of fake news and customers tweeting their grievances about a company or product companies are pulling up the drawbridge on this particular form of communication.

I have had the most requests from clients this year to remove the Twitter link from their website.

Most companies had already backed away from Twitter and had stopped contributing to it, but had left the Twitter link on their website. It is better to have no Twitter account than link to one which shows no activity for the past 6 months. That is not a good impression to give new customers!

Twitter does have its place. If you are a large company and can afford to have someone monitor the account daily and respond to enquiries (good and bad!) then you have the opportunity to further promote your brand and profit from referrals and recommendations.

Twitter requires commitment and in this fast paced world not many of us have the time available to dedicate to this platform.

A lot of companies are focusing on review sites rather than the social networks. Checkatrade has helped numerous building contractors, whilst Trustpilot is helping online retailers. These sites allow a single review with a star rating from individual customers and allows the vendor to respond. It does not allow for the barrage of postings from the same person unlike Twitter. Also the vendor comment on these review sites are listed under the review in question. Twitter displays postings on a time line basis so your comment to an upset customer could be postings apart.

In my opinion Twitter is great for politics and for people to report and acknowledge human rights issues but for company marketing it isn’t the best platform available.

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